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Tatsuro Yamashita / Christmas Eve 40th Anniversary Edition

Tatsuro Yamashita / Christmas Eve 40th Anniversary Edition

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This is a limited edition 180g heavyweight record produced to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of this winter classic, which is representative of Japan's leading singer-songwriter, Yamashita Tatsuro.

The B-side features a different version of White Christmas produced to commemorate this release.

It's a joy to listen to classic winter and Christmas songs on a heavyweight vinyl. A must-have for record lovers.

*As quantities are limited, no additional stock will be available, so hurry!


  • YEAR
  • MOON
  • 2023
  • S
  • ※コンディション
  • S=新品またはシールド
  • A=新品、シールドに近い状態
  • B+=使用頻度はあるが程度が良い状態
  • B=使用頻度、傷等があるが再生に問題がない状態
  • B- =盤に傷のほうがあり、再生の際にノイズが多数入ってしまう状態
  • C=傷や盤そりによる音飛びがある状態
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