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YOUR SONG IS GOOD / You're Young

YOUR SONG IS GOOD / You're Young

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This is the first album of Mackey Feary Band, a Hawaiian AOR masterpiece released by Mackey Feary after he left Kalapana. The opening song, "You're Young", has been loved by Hawaiian AOR, rare groove, free soul, and light mellow lovers for many years (and in recent years, it has also been reevaluated as a city pop song).

This mellow soul tune has been rearranged with the Balearic sensibility that the band has been pursuing in recent years, and has been turned into a superb Pacific lovers rock piece with Hawaiian singer Joelene, who has participated in ALOHA GOT SOUL's release (FRNT BZNZ "Entitlment Issues"). The coupling track also includes a floating & dramatic DUB version by Saito "JxJx" Jun.

This work is a sequel to the cover of BABADU's "We're Not To Blame" (included in YOUR SONG IS GOOD's "Coast To Coast EP"), a treasure of Hawaiian rare groove produced in 2018 with Hawaiian singers NICK KUROSAWA and VIDEOTAPEMUSIC.


  • YEAR
  • Japan
  • Kakubarizm×Aloha Got Soul
  • 2023
  • S
  • ※コンディション
  • S=新品またはシールド
  • A=新品、シールドに近い状態
  • B+=使用頻度はあるが程度が良い状態
  • B=使用頻度、傷等があるが再生に問題がない状態
  • B- =盤に傷のほうがあり、再生の際にノイズが多数入ってしまう状態
  • C=傷や盤そりによる音飛びがある状態


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