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Beyonce / Renaissance Collector's Edition

Beyonce / Renaissance Collector's Edition

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The latest album is here, the first in six years! In particular, we are bringing you a collector's edition set that includes 2LP + poster + photo book!

Now known as the "Queen of the Era," she has had a string of hits since her debut, and her new album is a must-listen for music lovers. You'll discover new charms in the danceable anthems that are unimaginable from the image of R&B and Soul. This album will make you feel the arrival of a new music culture.


  • YEAR
  • USA
  • Columbia
  • 2022
  • S
  • ※コンディション
  • S=新品またはシールド
  • A=新品、シールドに近い状態
  • B+=使用頻度はあるが程度が良い状態
  • B=使用頻度、傷等があるが再生に問題がない状態
  • B- =盤に傷のほうがあり、再生の際にノイズが多数入ってしまう状態
  • C=傷や盤そりによる音飛びがある状態


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