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Nick Kurosawa / Home

Nick Kurosawa / Home

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This is the first album by Nick Kurosawa, arguably the most important singer in Hawaii's current music scene.

His voice, praised as a Hawaiian treasure by many labels and artists, including Aloha Got Soul, who represents Hawaii, as well as Shing02 and Dj KENTA, is a must-listen.

This is a masterpiece that mainly features acoustic guitar and includes many covers of famous songs.

A popular title that sold out immediately when released in 2018.

The reissue released in 2021 has also sold out in Japan.

Don't miss this opportunity.


  • YEAR
  • Aloha Got Soul
  • 2021
  • S
  • ※コンディション
  • S=新品またはシールド
  • A=新品、シールドに近い状態
  • B+=使用頻度はあるが程度が良い状態
  • B=使用頻度、傷等があるが再生に問題がない状態
  • B- =盤に傷のほうがあり、再生の際にノイズが多数入ってしまう状態
  • C=傷や盤そりによる音飛びがある状態


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